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Will pest control treat pigeon infestations?

Generally we won’t treat pigeon problems. Some commercial companies do.

We will only treat nests on the balconies of council tenants.
To request this service, call 023 9283 4251 (9am-4pm weekdays). You need to pay ahead of the service, so please have your payment card ready.

Prices (All prices include VAT)

  • Standard rate – £56.76
  • Reduced rate – £28.37. This rate is for customers who receive qualifying benefits including pension credit, income support, jobseekers allowance, housing benefit or Council Tax support and Universal Credit.

You will need to pay the full charge upfront for all treatments which includes a £10 non-refundable callout charge should we not treat.

Please note, if you agree a pest control appointment and then miss it, you will be charged a £10 callout charge, payable to the operative on your next visit. If you then miss the second visit, your treatment will be cancelled and any refund will be subject to a second £10 callout charge.

Why do I have pigeons?

Feral pigeons build their nests in or on buildings and other structures, where they are usually found on ledges. Nests are flimsy and a variety of materials are used for nest building.

Why are pigeons a problem?

Pigeons are a problem because they foul buildings, this is unsightly and destructive:

  • acid in their droppings erodes stonework
  • gutters and down pipes can become blocked
  • pavements, ladders and fire escapes may become unsafe due to the potential for slipping on wet droppings

They carry diseases and increasing numbers may be linked to the rising rate of inner-city asthma. The food people deposit for pigeons attracts rats and this, in turn, creates a risk from disease.

What should I do if I have pigeons?

The most effective way to control pigeon populations is to reduce the available source of food. This is also the kindest method.