Book a pest control treatment for fleas

To book an appointment, please call 023 9283 4251. You will need to pay ahead of your appointment. Please have your payment card ready when you call.

Prices (All prices include VAT)

  • Standard rate – £81.39 for a property with up to three bedrooms, £88.31 for a property with up to four bedrooms.
  • Reduced rate – £46.54 for a property with up to three bedrooms, £49.94 for a property with up to four bedrooms. This rate is for customers who receive qualifying benefits including pension credit, income support, jobseekers allowance, housing benefit or Council Tax support and Universal Credit.

You will need to pay the full charge upfront for all treatments which includes a £10 non-refundable callout charge should we not treat.

Please note, if you agree a pest control appointment and then miss it, you will be charged a £10 callout charge, payable to the operative on your next visit.

If you then miss the second visit, your treatment will be cancelled and any refund will be subject to a second £10 callout charge.

What should I do before pest control visit?

  • Vacuum your entire house (including the furniture)
  • Throw out the vacuum cleaner bag
  • Clear as much floor space as possible
  • Treat your pets

What will pest control do?

We spray the carpets with a water-based insecticidal powder.

After we have sprayed:

  • if possible go-out for one or two hours to allow the spray to dry
  • do not sit on anything that has been sprayed until it has dried
  • do not let children or pets, especially cats, on the carpets until they are dry

It will still seem as if you are infested for a while. This is because, even though the insecticide is killing fleas, more will be hatching-out. Flea eggs can take up to six weeks to hatch out in the home environment, so although you will find a lot fewer fleas after being treated, you can still expect to see some for several weeks.

To avoid re-infestation, try to avoid vacuuming for as long as possible after the treatment as the insecticide will be removed by doing this. We suggest you do not vacuum for ten days in order to allow the treatment to be effective. The member of staff will leave an information leaflet with you to explain this.

Do I have fleas?

The sign of a flea infestation in the home is bites around the occupant’s ankles.

Why do I have fleas?

The most common source of fleas in the home is pets, particularly cats and dogs.

If you don’t have pets, fleas can be picked up from many locations, other peoples’ homes, public buildings, shops, and public transport. This is most likely to occur during the summer months, but can happen at any time.

You could also have inherited a flea problem if you have recently moved into your property.

What should I do if I have fleas?

You can deal with the problem by:

  • treating your pet is essential, we recommend that you consult your vet or the PDSA for a prescribed treatment, as these prove to be the most effective
  • always grooming your pets out of doors
  • paying special attention to pet bedding and favourite resting areas – hot wash pet bedding regularly
  • good housekeeping and regular vacuuming of carpets will also help to avoid infestation