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Hate crime Advice, help and support if you have been affected

Hate crime describes when someone is victimised because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity.

If you have experienced hate crime, you can report the incident online at True Vision, or go to your local police station and report the crime there.

Victim Support offers lots of information and support for victims of all sorts of crime – you can also request support and find out more about reporting a crime.

Other useful links

Portsmouth's racial harassment forum for professionals

The Portsmouth racial harassment forum raises awareness of racial harassment among local agencies. The forum encourages the development of more effective policies and procedures to combat racial harassment through multi-agency collaboration. This results in a higher level of incident reporting by victims of racial harassment and in more effective action against the perpetrators of racial harassment.

To contact the racial awareness service for more information for professionals, email or phone 023 9283 4227.