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Save energy. Save money. Save carbon.

You can tackle the rising cost of energy bills and looking after our planet at the same time. Be switched on about your energy use at home with Switched On Portsmouth and a few simple tips.

Help for Households

Help for Households has lots of FREE, quick fix actions that you can take to immediately reduce the amount of energy you use, too!

Water way to go

Reducing water use is an important step in reducing our impact on climate change. Not only does consumption at home take water away from natural environments, such as rivers, but energy is also needed to heat, transport, purify and treat water and wastewater. About 12% of a household’s heating bill is from heating water, so reducing consumption can save you money. Switched On Portsmouth has teamed up with Portsmouth Water to offer Portsmouth residents with free water saving measures. This can save money on water bills, energy bills and helps to preserve our environment.