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Lots of improvements are happening to how you can travel in and around Portsmouth. We’re making travel safer, more affordable, greener and easier for you.

Public transport
  • Try a Beryl rental bike or electric bicycle, or a Voi electric scooter, to get around Portsmouth without the need to own a bike yourself. You’ll be helping tackle the climate emergency while reducing the number of cars on the road. Download the free Breeze app to plan all your travel in one place. 
  • Cycling is a great way to get around and keep fit at the same time. A quieter routes map is available for less confident cyclists who wish to avoid busy roads. To view the map visit trv-quieter-routes-cycle-map.pdf ( 
  • Learn the basics of cycle maintenance through a series of informal, hands-on workshops suitable for adults of all ages and abilities. Free bicycle marking is available on the last Thursday of each month in partnership with Hampshire Constabulary. For more information visit Cycle security – Portsmouth City Council. See if you can request more bike storage in your area, like bike hangars or corrals. 
  • Try walking with your children to school in a safer way through our School Streets scheme. This summer, get your stomping shoes on and track down the Pompey Monsters and their friends with Stomp for Stamps, our annual children’s treasure hunt. 
  • Take the bus for less! Both First Bus and Stagecoach are offering all single fares with a £2 cap until 30 June 2023 in line with current government plans. 
  • Park & Ride offers a cheaper, greener way into the city instead of driving. For only £4 a ticket, which includes all day parking and shuttle bus use for up to 5 passengers, you can safely park your vehicle and ride the shuttle bus to the city centre via The Hard for Gunwharf Quays. The Park & Ride service is based in Tipner and runs every 15 minutes, 364 days a year, with extra services for specific events and a summer service to Southsea.Flexipasses and week/month/annual passes are available for even lower fares. Find out more at Park and Ride Portsmouth ~ the easy way into Portsmouth by car. 
Air quality 
Cut carbon on your next holiday

You could cut carbon emissions on your next holiday to Europe by travelling by ferry instead of flying. If you travel as a foot passenger on a ferry, you’ll only produce 19g of CO2 per kilometre, compared with 154g for an average short-haul flight*, according to government estimates. Portsmouth International Port has a choice of eight destinations in France, Spain and the Channel Islands. Many of these have options for onward travel, meaning you can explore even more of Europe from your doorstep.

*Source: Carbon footprint of travel per kilometer, 2018 (

You can learn more about everything we’re doing on our Travel Portsmouth page.