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Sustainability means improving the long-term wellbeing of the area without storing up problems for the future, ensuring a better quality of life for everyone now, but also for generations to come.

Portsmouth City Council has an important role to play in helping to deliver a more sustainable city; as an employer with responsibility for staff and buildings, as a provider of local services, and as a community leader working in partnership with other organisations and local communities.

The government has introduced new legislation to make sure all local authorities develop sustainable policies and practices, and tackle climate change and carbon management. You can download the council’s response in the briefing document below .

Portsmouth City Council’s sustainability strategy

There are seven principles in the council’ sustainability strategy:

  1. natural resources
  2. transport
  3. procurement
  4. waste
  5. built environment
  6. natural environment
  7. economic and social.

We will build on previous sustainability work to embed these principles across all council services. Sustainability principles will be included in all future policies, plans and strategies, and monitored through a sustainability appraisal, so that sustainable actions and choices become common practice. This is why there are guiding principles in this strategy, rather than a detailed action plan.