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Climate change is now our greatest long-term threat and most serious environmental challenge according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Taking action on climate change is urgent because of population growth, increasing energy demands from developing countries, and a continued dependency on the use of limited fossil fuels for energy.

Greenhouse gases

There is a clear link between the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and the increase in global temperature. The most significant greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide (CO2), so climate change action concentrates largely on reducing CO2 emissions, but also on reducing other greenhouse gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide.

Portsmouth City Council is committed to tackling the problem both by reducing our carbon emissions and by building resilience to climate change.

Effects of climate change on Portsmouth

Greenhouse gas emissions have seen temperatures rise at least 2°C and this cannot be reversed. As a coastal city, we are incredibly vulnerable to the predicted impacts of climate change with sea level rises increasing the risk of flooding, and rising temperatures increasing the risk of heat-related deaths for the most vulnerable of our residents. We are more likely to experience an increased variability in weather events, particularly storminess with wind and lightning, and heavier rain, sleet or snow in winter. Read more about the predicted climate changes in Headline summary – how the climate will change.

Addressing climate change in the city

The next ten years will be crucial for us to manage and reduce climate change. The success of Portsmouth’s climate change strategy and of making Portsmouth into a low carbon city depends on us all working together. Public sector organisations, businesses and residents all need to take responsibility for the future of the city and take action to tackle climate change. Here’s what we’ve been doing:

Find out what you do to help tackle climate change in each of the climate change strategy priorities.