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We all have a role to play in addressing climate change by reducing our carbon dioxide emissions, or ‘carbon footprint’. Portsmouth City Council is working with public and private businesses, voluntary organisations and residents, to raise awareness of climate change issues, and how people can live in a sustainable way while continuing to enjoy a good quality of life.

The council has prioritised certain issues.  Read below how it is tackling each issue and how you can help.

Reducing Portsmouth’s carbon footprint

The city’s carbon footprint has reduced by 10% over the last five years but, to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we need to reduce this again by about 60% by 2050. So we have a lot to do. If the whole world lived like we do in Portsmouth, we’d need the support of three planet earths to survive!

What the council is doing- improving the energy efficiency of public buildings by installing smart-energy metering in all major council buildings in Portsmouth (we will also make it available to residents of social housing) - providing information on available grants for energy efficiency (such as insulation) and renewable energy options - improving the local sustainable transport infrastructure, for example household waste collection lorries that run on biofuel made from waste cooking oil - using all residential non-recyclable waste to fuel our energy from waste plant, providing enough electricity for 20,600 local homes - enforcing sustainable planning - researching opportunities for renewable and low carbon technologies in the city - providing leadership for other key partners and residents, and support through Local Planning Development Framework.
What you can do- ensure your home or business is as energy efficient as possible by, for example, switching off appliances that aren't being used, rather than leaving them on standby - ensure your home is fully insulated and that you have energy-saving light bulbs fitted - make walking, cycling or public transport your first choice to get around the city - My Journey can help - consider generating renewable energy in your home or business.

Tackling climate change and living sustainably

Follow the link to understand more about how climate change could affect Portsmouth and more about the council’s sustainability strategy

What the council is doingworking with the Sustainable Business Partnership to encourage businesses to develop low carbon ways of working - working with major partners in the city through the Portsmouth Sustainability Action Group and the Local Strategic Partnership to produce a co-ordinated approach to tackling climate change in Portsmouth.
What you can docan do find out about ways to live more sustainably - tell your friends the actions they can take to reduce their carbon footprint - tell us of issues where we can provide more advice - get involved – we all need to work together on this.

Preparing for climate change in Portsmouth

What the council is doing- We researched extreme weather events in Portsmouth since 2000, because future climate change is likely to result in similar extreme weather, such as buildings damaged in floods, storms and high winds leading to costly repairs and buildings temporarily closed, or roads melting from hot weather. You can read this research in the document Local Climate Impacts Profile, available to download below - Follow the link for further information on how the council is building resilience to climate change - Portsmouth's flood protection plans.
What you can do- Prepare for an emergency, be it flooding or a heatwave, by looking at our emergency planning pages - English Heritage gives some great advice on what you can do to adapt older homes - Find out if your property is in a flood risk area through the Emergency-planning Agency floodmap - To make buildings cooler in hot weather switch off unused appliances - they generate additional heat when in use - Improve roof insulation - this reduces the penetration of the sun, as well as keeping houses warm in the winter.