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At Tipner West Portsmouth has an opportunity to deliver a unique and innovative development that makes the most of the city’s location, heritage and skills – creating a new gateway to the city.

Portsmouth was awarded a £48.75 million City Deal grant from central government in 2013 to invest in growth, critical infrastructure, skills and jobs at Tipner West and Horsea Island East.

Marine jobs

Tipner West’s location means it is the ideal place to create a leading marine employment hub that will bring work and training opportunities for local people, drive investment into the city, and build on our great maritime heritage.

New homes for people in Portsmouth

The opportunity for new, good quality homes, as well as critical infrastructure – like a bridge between Tipner West and Horsea Island East and new cycle routes – is important to the regeneration of this area.

The natural environment 

The land at Tipner West, its natural habitats and the surrounding harbour have environmental protections and must be respected. The council has carried out detailed surveys and assessments looking at habitats and species in this area to understand the potential impact of development.

It is also crucial to protect this area from rising sea levels and the risk of flooding.

Before any development can take place at Tipner West, proposals for the site will need to show how they will enhance, re-create or compensate the most valuable habitats, including intertidal mudflats and coastal grasslands, and add to local biodiversity.

The council is working with organisations including Natural England, the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and RSPB as plans for the site develop.

Next steps for Tipner West 

A list of principles and goals have been agreed by the full council, to guide regeneration proposals for Tipner West. They will prioritise the protection of the land south of the firing range, while also creating opportunities for new homes and jobs in the maritime sector.

The council is committed to increasing biodiversity in future developments and keeping costs to a minimum.

A new plan for Tipner West will be developed, with residents, businesses and community groups involved throughout the process. The designs will be checked to make sure they follow the agreed principles and the terms of the City Deal funding that was granted to the council by the government.

Read the report that was presented to councillors on 11 October

If you have any questions about the project and would like to get in touch with the team, email