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At Tipner West Portsmouth has an opportunity to deliver a unique and innovative development that makes the most of the city’s location, heritage and skills – creating a new gateway to the city.

Portsmouth was awarded a £48.75 million City Deal grant from central government in 2013 to invest in growth, critical infrastructure, skills and jobs at Tipner West and Horsea Island East.

Marine jobs

Tipner West’s location means it is the ideal place to create a leading marine employment hub that will bring work and training opportunities for local people, drive investment into the city, and build on our great maritime heritage.

New homes for people in Portsmouth

The opportunity for new, good quality homes, as well as critical infrastructure – like a bridge between Tipner West and Horsea Island East and new cycle routes – is important to the regeneration of this area.

The natural environment 

The land at Tipner West, its natural habitats and the surrounding harbour have environmental protections and must be respected. The council has carried out detailed surveys and assessments looking at habitats and species in this area to understand the potential impact of development.

It is also crucial to protect this area from rising sea levels and the risk of flooding.

Before any development can take place at Tipner West, proposals for the site will need to show how they will enhance, re-create or compensate the most valuable habitats, including intertidal mudflats and coastal grasslands, and add to local biodiversity.

The council is working with organisations including Natural England, the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and RSPB as plans for the site develop.

Next steps for Tipner West 

The site presents great challenges for the council to provide a financially sustainable approach, that protects the area from rising sea levels, supports the environment, and creates jobs and homes for local people.

Along with Horsea Island East, Tipner West presents a unique opportunity to deliver up to 3,500 new homes, including up to 1,050 much need affordable homes for existing and future residents of Portsmouth, alongside more than 3,000 new marine & maritime jobs for local people.

A decision on the way to take this forward is being sought at the full council meeting on 13 September, after the council has looked at a number of options for either building on the existing land footprint; land reclamation to create more land; or doing the minimum work to protect the existing land from flooding.

Rising sea levels and contamination mean it is not possible to do nothing at Tipner West, the land would flood, along with existing homes and businesses in Tipner and Stamshaw, and natural habitats in designated conservation sites would be lost, both on the land and around the shoreline.

The options all have different costs attached to them. Some have significant opportunities for the council to bid for funding to help pay for the work while for others additional funding is unlikely. If the full council decision is to pursue options that are not likely to attract extra funding then the council will need to find all the money itself, this will be more than £50m in total and will inevitably involve making savings from its existing operating budget over the next 10 to 15 years.

The full council meeting is being asked to balance all of this and agree a set of principles considered to be acceptable on social, economic and environmental grounds as well as being affordable to the council in the context of the continuing delivery of its services.  These principles would then form the basis of a new scheme for which planning permission would be sought.

The full range of options being considered by full council and the supporting information is available in the full report going to the meeting.

If you have any queries about the project and would like to get in touch with the team email