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We’re looking at opportunities for new homes and improvements to landscaping and public spaces for Strouden Court and the surrounding area.

Thank you to all the local people who told us what they would like us to think about when we put together plans for improvements in your local area. We know that development work will affect local people so we wanted to ask as many of you as possible for your thoughts because we want to include your views, feedback and opinions in the design process when we start to put together plans.

You can download our booklet below to find out more about:

  1. How we listened to local people
  2. What local people told us were the most important things to them
  3. The key themes we’ve taken from our conversations with the community which we’re going to use to help us as we move forward with the plans

These booklets have also been posted to the people living nearest to Strouden Court to keep them up to date on the plans.

thank you, for your feedback and opinions. strouden court