Ravelin Housing Ltd (RHL) is a wholly-owned development company setup by Portsmouth City Council (PCC) to deliver both private and affordable housing for sale and for rent. Its purpose is to:

  • Deliver housing aligned with the economic needs of the city¬†using a commercial and financially sustainable approach.
  • Deliver projects with outcomes that are aligned with the new city vision and the council’s corporate objectives.
  • Target the construction of 1,000 residential units (multi-tenure) for sale and rent over the next 10 years, starting in 2022.
  • Help address the failings in the traditional housing market in Portsmouth that has underperformed for a number of years. RHL will act as a vehicle to disrupt and ultimately speed up the recovery of these broken markets.
  • Complement and enable, not to compete with, private sector developers in the city, at a time where there is a regeneration opportunity and clear evidence of market failure.
  • Apply a flexible approach when bringing homes to the market where the market has failed; adapting its delivery strategy to unlock sites while maximising dividends and social value for the shareholder.
  • Return any surplus income to the shareholder (PCC via RGL) or recycle the income to support the delivery of additional housing.
New Brewery House development, Hambrook Street

Brewery House, Hambrook Street 

The Brewery House development on Hambrook Street is now complete and will be officially opening in November. Formerly a bottling store originally operated by Long & Co Brewery, the renovation of the locally listed building has created 13 two-bedroom apartments, and four affordable one-bedroom apartments which will be offered to local key workers.

The renovation project is a flagship piece of Ravelin Housing ltd. and is the first scheme of its kind in Hampshire to offer private rentals to key workers at an affordable rent.

Properties will be managed by Southsea based agents, Chinneck Shaw, and will be available for enquiries in the coming weeks.