The majority of respondents agree with the proposed approach to the natural environment (78%); 38% ‘strongly agree’ (345 respondents) and 40% ‘agree’ (367 respondents).

Just 5% of respondents disagree with this approach, and 17% ‘neither agree nor disagree’.

The following chart shows agreement levels with the natural environment. Agreement is high with 78% of respondents selecting ‘strongly agree’ or ‘agree’.

The 5% of respondents not in agreement with the proposed approach to the natural environment were asked which elements of the approach they disagree with. The main element this small cohort disagree with is ‘Major construction work avoiding the November to February period and not being permitted within set boundaries of known roost sites and feeding areas of SPA/ Ramsar bird species‘ (64%).

This was opposed for a number of reasons; some have concerns about implications on timings of construction work and costs, whilst others feel that birds should not be prioritised – there are other places for them to roost/feed.