Support for the proposed approach to lighting is widespread; 89% of residents agree with it;  44% ‘strongly agree’ (387 respondents) and 45% ‘agree’ (394 respondents).

Disagreement levels are the lowest seen so far with just 2% of respondents selecting that they ‘disagree’ with the proposed approach to lighting.

The following chart shows agreement levels with lighting. Support is widespread with 89% of respondents selecting ‘agree strongly’ or ‘agree’.

The 2% of respondents disagreeing with the proposed to lighting were asked which elements they disagree with. ‘If the festoon lighting is to be replaced, it is replaced with a design which is less costly to maintain, and offers an attractive, contemporary design and palette of colours to provide a backdrop to other features within the seafront‘ attracts the most negativity (68%).

Respondents do not want it replaced, they feel it is a popular feature, is aesthetically pleasing and has history and heritage.