The majority of respondents agree with the proposed approach to climate change (83%); 53% ‘strongly agree’ (539 respondents) and a further 30% ‘agree’ (302 respondents).

The following chart shows agreement with climate change. Agreement is high with 83% of respondents selecting ‘strongly agree’ or ‘agree’.

The 8%[1] of respondents who disagree with the proposed approach to climate change were asked which elements they disagree with. Just one element was selected by the majority of this cohort, ‘Encourage people to use zero or low carbon forms of transport (i.e. walking, cycling, public transport)’ (71%).

Respondents oppose this element for a number of reasons; the need for public transport to be improved, concerns around accessibility for the elderly and people with disabilities, a reduction in visitors, a need for parking, and a general need for cars.

[1] Discrepancies between the figures in the chart and the commentary are due to rounding.