The following section provides insight into the response towards guidance for development in relation to the following nine themes included in the draft strategy:

These themes were shaped around the masterplan’s vision and objectives, and were informed by the national and local planning policy context, and the context analysis section in the draft Seafront Masterplan.

All areas of the thematic guidance achieve strong support; the majority of respondents in the consultation sample agree with all areas of thematic guidance.

Three areas achieve this majority amongst respondents selecting ‘strongly agree’; climate change (53%), health and wellbeing (52%) and transport and access (52%).

Whilst support is strong for all areas, one area does attract a disagreement level of over 10%; transport and access (15% of respondents).

The following chart shows agreement levels with climate change being the most strongly agreed with and development opportunities the least strongly agreed with. Health and wellbeing, public spaces and lighting attracted the highest level of agreement.