Over three-quarters of respondents (77%) agree with the proposed approach to Southsea Skatepark; 32% ‘strongly agree’ (263 respondents) and 44% ‘agree’ (359 respondents).

The following chart shows agreement with Southsea Skatepark. It shows that agreement is high with 77% of respondents selecting ‘strongly agree’ or ‘agree’.

The 7% of respondents who do not agree were asked which elements of the proposal they disagree with. The only option selected by a majority of this small cohort was ‘Primary use of skate park to be retained but scope for uses that complement the skate park and wider leisure focus, including aspirations for a stronger evening economy‘ (68%). This element raised concerns about local residents being disturbed, the possibility anti-social behaviour might be encouraged and make the environment unpleasant, and those who feel should just be left as a skate park.

Just under half of this small cohort (48%) selected ‘Around the skate park, a new landscaped seating area and adventure play park‘, reasons included not wanting the play area or feeling it is unnecessary, feeling that the green space should be retained and that the location is unsuitable for a play park.