There is widespread agreement amongst respondents to the proposed approach to Henderson Road to Eastney Point (77%); 37% ‘strongly agree’ (284 respondents) and 40% ‘agree’ (312 respondents).

Disagreement levels are low with 8% of respondents selecting ‘disagree’ or ‘strongly disagree’.

The following chart shows agreement with Henderson Road to Eastney Point. Agreement is high with 77% of respondents selecting ‘agree strongly’ or ‘agree’.

The 8% of respondents who disagree were asked which elements they disagree with. None of the elements of the proposed approach to Henderson Road to Eastney Point are selected by a majority. ‘Should the Fraser Range site come forward for redevelopment, consideration should be given to how a scheme could be sensitively designed in relation to its proximity and relationship with Fort Cumberland and its setting, in terms of building heights, style, materials, and opportunities to improve physical connections to Fort Cumberland and other routes, such as Natural England’s England Coast Path‘ attracts the most attention, 39% of this small cohort disagree with it. Reasons for opposing include wanting to keep it as an open space, not developing the site, concerns that the current road system will not be able to cope with the traffic and requests to not change the nearby beach.

Should the RNLI facility be relocated elsewhere, the site could be redeveloped for other uses, such as a café with public toilets facilities, integrated with a local nature and ecology information and visitor centre‘ is also unpopular amongst this small cohort (38%). Respondents disagreeing with this element feel it is already well-located, they want it left as it is, some want more detail is needed on the proposal whilst others are concerned about more traffic being encouraged and accessibility issues.