Response to Canoe Lake to St George’s Road is very positive; 89% of respondents in the consultation sample agree with the proposed approach to this area); 45% ‘strongly agree’ (352 respondents) and 44% ‘agree’ (348 respondents).

The following chart shows agreement with Canoe Lake Park to St George’s Road. Agreement is high with 89% of respondents selecting ‘agree strongly’ or ‘agree’.

Half of the 4% of respondents who disagree with the proposed approach to Canoe Lake Park to St George’s Road disagree with the element ‘Proposals that seek to increase the quantity of food and beverage floorspace within Canoe Park should consider the overall food and beverage offer within Canoe Lake Park and avoid over-provision‘.

The main reasons for opposing this element are a feeling that there is no need for more food and beverage floorspace and that there should be an emphasis on quality over quantity.