Analysis of results

In total 1,268 people interacted with the consultation survey. The research is divided into the following five main sections:


The draft Seafront Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document sets out guidelines for how the seafront could be improved and conserved. It also makes recommendations on the possible things that could happen along the seafront.

Portsmouth City Council (PCC) consulted with local people in 2018 and 2019 before drafting the masterplan, and consulted again in 2020 (September 18th to October 30th) before creating a final version.

The masterplan will be used to guide developers and help PCC make future decisions on proposals for the area. The aim of this consultation was to understand the level of public support for the draft Seafront Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document and to help with creating a final version.


The survey was promoted through various channels including:

  • Social media posts
  • Portsmouth City Council website
  • Southsea Coastal Scheme website
  • Media news release
  • Email bulletins
  • Direct contact with the Community Stakeholder Engagement Group
  • Posters along the seafront and in venues (e.g. Pyramids)
  • Two unstaffed exhibitions – Central Library and Southsea Library