The table below shows which policies in the Portsmouth City Local Plan have been deleted. Those shown in strikethrough have been deleted. Please note that the remaining Community Policies will be reviewed through the Site Allocations DPD, due to be developed 2012-2013.



Policy number Subject/site Page
SP1 Urban Renaissance 11
SP2 Design & Heritage 14
SP3 Natural Environment 15
SP4 Integrated Transport 16
SP5 Developments of Sub-Regional Importance 20
SP6 Retail and Town Centre Development 23
SP7 Housing Provision 26
SP8 Employment & Economy 29

Development Control

Policy number Subject/site Page
DC1 Design principles 33
DC2 Landscaping 34
DC3 Landmark buildings and features 34
DC4 Access for all 35
DC5 Amenity and pollution  36
DC6 Flood protection 37
DC7 Provision of infrastructure 38
DC8 Sustainable urban drainage systems 39
DC9 Storage of refuse 39
DC10 Conservation areas 40
DC11 Listed buildings 41
DC12 Locally important buildings and structures 42
DC13 Historic parks & gardens 42
DC14 Trees 42
DC15 Archaeological sites and monuments 43
DC16 Sites of international nature conservation importance 44
DC17 Sites of national nature conservation importance 45
DC18 Sites of local nature conservation importance 46
DC19 Nature conservation interests on non-designated sites 48
DC20 Protection of open space 48
DC21 Contaminated land 50
DC22 Telecommunications equipment 51
DC23 Renewable energy 52
DC24 Advertisements and signs 53
DC25 Transport issues in new development 53
DC26 Access onto primary and distributor roads 54
DC27 Contributions towards transport improvements 55
DC28 Parking standards 55
DC29 Travel plans for major developments 56
DC30 Primary employment land and sites 56
DC31 Employment sites outside the primary areas 57
DC32 District centres 58
DC33 Local centres 59
DC34 Local shops 60
DC35 Edge-of-centre development 61
DC36 Out-of-centre development 61
DC37 Class A3, A4 and A5 (food & drink) uses 62
DC38 Temporary markets 63
DC39 Amusement centres and arcades 63
DC40 Affordable housing 64
DC41 Gypsies and Travelling showpeople 66
DC42 Sub-division of existing dwellings 67
DC43 Residential conversions 68
DC44 Housing revival areas 68
DC45 Loss of housing 69
DC46 Public open space in new developments 69
DC47 Residential density 71
DC48 Day nurseries 71
DC49 Hostels 72
DC50 Contributions to crime prevention measures 72
DC51 Late night entertainment uses 73

Community (City Wards)


Policy number Subject/site Page
BF1 Land south of Burrfields Road 75

Central Southsea

Policy number Subject/site Page
CS1 Goldsmith Infant School 80
CS2 Goldsmith Avenue / Fawcett Road urban priority area 80

Charles Dickens

Policy number Subject/site Page
CD1 City centre north urban priority area 87
CD2 City centre redevelopment sites 88
CD3 Multi-storey car park, Isambard Brunel Road 88
CD4 New Theatre Royal 89
CD5 City centre principal retail area 89
CD6 City centre secondary retail and commercial area 90
CD7 Guildhall Square 91
CD8 City centre south transport interchange 91
CD9 City centre environmental improvements 91
CD10 Allders’ warehouse 92
CD11 Historic ships cara park, Queen Street / Admiralty Road 92
CD12 Carlisle Road 93
CD13 Victoria Road North / Northumberland Road 93
CD14 Improved access to Trafalgar Gate 93
CD15 Land adjacent to Military Road 94
CD16 The Hard Interchange 94
CD17 Historic Dockyard Heritage area 94
CD18 101-115 Kingston Road 95


Policy number Subject/site Page
CP1 Brynwell Builders Yard, Copnor Road 101


Policy number Subject/site Page
CM1 Land east of Marriott Hotel 106
CM2 Land east of IBM 106
CM3 Cosham Fire Station 107
CM4 Cosham transport interchange 107
CM5 Land north of Cosham transport interchange 108
CM6 Queen Alexandra Hospital 108
CM7 A27 Cycleway 109
CM8 Portsdown Hill 109

Drayton & Farlington

Policy number Subject/site Page
DF1 Farlington Railway Station 113
DF2 109b & 111-113 Havant Road 114

Eastney & Craneswater

Policy number Subject/site Page
EC1 Langstone Harbour coastal path 118
EC2 Southsea seafront 118


Policy number Subject/site Page
FT1 Land south of Little George Street 122


Policy number Subject/site Page
HS1 Mountbatten Centre 127
HS2 Land south of Valiant Gardens 128
HS3 Land west of Peronne Road 128
HS4 Museums Store, Copnor Road 128
HS5 Hilsea Lido 129


Policy number Subject/site Page
MT1 St Mary’s Hospital (west) 134
MT2 Land south of St James’ Hospital 134
MT3 Land at St James’ Hospital 134
MT4 St James’ Hospital (main building) 135
MT5 Land north of Goldsmith Avenue 135
MT6 Portsmouth Arts Centre 135
MT7 Land north of Milton Park Infant / Junior School 136


Policy number Subject/site Page
NL1 Tipner urban priority area 141
NL2 Waterside School 143
NL3 Portsmouth Harbour Cruising Club 143
NL4 M275 junction at Tipner 143
NL5 Tipner coastal footpath / cycleway 144
NL6 Commercial docks and ferry port 144
NL7 Derby Road / Angerstein Road rear service road 145


Policy number Subject/site Page
PG1 Paulsgrove landfill site 150
PG2 Port Solent-Tipner bus, pedestrian and cycle link 150
PG3 Land at Marsden Road 150
PG4 Land off Southampton Road / Hamilton Road 151

St Jude

Policy number Subject/site Page
SJ1 Land north of Clarence Parade 155
SJ2 Clarence Pier / Fun Acres 155
SJ3 Southsea Skate Park 155
SJ4 Hovercraft interchange 156
SJ5 Southsea principal retail area 156
SJ6 Southsea secondary retail area 158
SJ7 Albert Road specialist commercial area 158
SJ8 Land to the west of Exmouth Road 160
SJ9 Land at the corner of Exmouth Road and St Vincent Road 161

St Thomas

Policy number Subject/site Page
ST1 Land at Point 164
ST2 Ravelin Park 164
ST3 Somerstown principal regeneration area 165
ST4 Gunwharf Quays % The Hard specialist commercial area 166

Portsmouth Harbour

Policy number Subject/site Page
PH1 Portsmouth Harbour coastal zone 170
PH2 Moorings in Portsmouth Harbour 171

Langstone Harbour

Policy number Subject/site Page
LH1 Langstone Harbour open coastal area 173
LH2 Langstone Harbour coastal zone 173
LH3 Moorings in Langstone Harbour 174