We have introduced an enforcement policy to provide the foundation for the planning enforcement service.

The full enforcement policy document is available at the bottom of the page, and includes information on protocol and procedures – please contact planning via the contact us page for further information on the enforcement policy, which is summarised below.

The planning enforcement service will

  • investigate alleged breaches of planning control that are reported in writing – we will only register and investigate anonymous complaints if the breach is extremely serious and/or is readily noticeable
  • register and acknowledge written complaints that have been received, as well as updating those complaining on progress of the investigation
  • seek to control breaches of planning control that cause noticeable harm to amenity

We will deliver this service by

  • prioritising cases in accordance with our enforcement protocol
  • being helpful, polite and open in the way we work
  • allocating a named case officer as a contact person
  • responding to all contacts in plain English
  • pursuing a breach of planning control to a suitable conclusion
  • retaining confidentiality of those complaining when possible

Reporting a breach

You can email us at planningenforcement@portsmouthcc.gov.uk

We ask for complaints in writing because it provides evidence to justify why we are investigating. It’s also useful if we need to update you.

Email is preferred because it means we can respond more quickly, but we accept written letters. Our postal address is:
Planning Enforcement,
Civic Offices,
Guildhall Square,

We’ll accept complaints by phone if the matter is urgent. For example, if works are being undertaken to a TPO tree, a conservation area tree or listed building. For urgent matters, contact the City Help Desk on 023 9283 4092 and ask to be put through to planning enforcement.

We generally do not investigate anonymous complaints unless the allegation is serious.