Charges are based on the full cost recovery rate for officers involved in this process for 2014/15, which is £42 per hour (with the exception of travel plans). The charges reflect officer time involved in general correspondence, billing, ensuring compliance, and recording collection & spend. All agreements will require some of these elements, even if they are simple financial contributions paid on commencement. The higher charges reflect the more complex nature of some agreements, in particular the need to monitor progress on site during development or the management of the site during development or occupation, which is likely to require site visits.

Fees will apply per obligation in a legal agreement. The total monitoring fee charged will be the sum of the fees for all obligations in an agreement. If the agreement is exceptionally complex it may be necessary to request a contribution above the sum of these standard fees. Where the purpose of the agreement is to impose a restriction, e.g. preventing use of the development except for a specific use, the nature and duration of the restriction will be considered and it may be necessary to request a contribution specific to the extent of monitoring that may be required into the future.

The fee will be payable on completion of the legal agreement.

Obligations Monitoring Category FeeNotes
Solent SPAs Mitigation£0Monitoring costs are already included in the charge made
Financial Contributions with commencement trigger£310Based on 1 day of officer time
Financial Contributions with future trigger£620Based on 2 day of officer time
Obligations governing construction timing or the management of the site during construction and/or occupation. For example - provision for viability re-assessments; restriction of occupation (for example student accommodation); shared car parking; employment and skills plans and, other management plans / strategies

£620Based on 2 day of officer time
On-site provision - for example: open space, affordable housing or highway works£620Based on 2 day of officer time
Travel Plans - NB very large or complex developments may require a longer monitoring period with commensurate monitoring charges

£5400Based on 2 days of officer time at a rate of £50 for the initial appraisal, plus 2.5 days p/a over 5 years for an annual review and administration
Minor alterations to Legal Agreements Changes to existing agreements where no new elements are being introduced£84Based on 2 hours of officer time
Major alterations to Legal Agreements Changes to agreements where new elements are being introducedAs per fees for new obligations As per fees for new obligations