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A new Local Plan is being prepared for the city. This page sets out the emerging evidence base for the Plan. It will be updated as and when new evidence is available.

PfSH documents

In addition to the above documents, the city council is a member of the Partnership for South Hampshire (PfSH) – formerly known as the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH), which was set up to support the sustainable growth of the sub region and to enable a co-ordinated approach to strategic planning matters. The following documents are available on the PfSH website and are relevant to the new Portsmouth Local Plan-

Partnership for Urban South Hampshire – Spatial Position Statement and evidence – this external website sets out the South Hampshire Planning Position Statement and associated evidence on the overall need for and distribution of development in South Hampshire.

Integrated Water Management Study (June 2018) – This study considers the capacity of water infrastructure to serve anticipated new development across the PUSH area to 2036. It has been prepared with input from water companies, the Environment Agency and Natural England. The final version was endorsed by the PUSH Joint committee at their meeting of 5 June 2018.

PUSH Air Quality Impact Assessment (October 2018) – This report contains the results of an assessment of air quality impacts to support the PUSH local planning authorities in carrying out their reviews of the spatial strategy for the area. It was endorsed by the PUSH Joint Committee at their meeting of 15 October 2018.

Evidence Base Update Consultation (2019)

Annual monitoring

2018 Authority Monitoring Report – this sets out information on development and related matters for the year to 31 March 2019.  It was approved for publication at the Cabinet meeting of 25 March 2019.

Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) (February 2019) – this technical document considers the future supply of land which may be suitable, available and achievable for housing and economic development over the plan period. It incorporates the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment required by the National Planning Policy Framework.

HELAA site usage map

Transport assessment evidence review (February 2019) – this is a review of existing high level analysis to support assessment of strategic sites in the city and identification of key issues, constraints and opportunities. It is the first stage in a full Transport Assessment to accompany the new Local Plan.


Housing needs and housing targets Update (February 2019) – this provides and update to the Housing Needs and Housing Targets paper produced in 2017. It brings together the available evidence on housing need.

Portsmouth gypsy and traveller needs (February 2019) – this sets out the results of an investigation into the needs for gypsy travellers and travelling show people for permanent pitches and plots in the city.

Background paper – Housing needs and housing targets (2017) – this provides more detail on the issues around housing need.

Background paper – Student housing and housing targets (2017) – this sets out the available evidence on the role that new bespoke student housing plays in the wider housing market, and the contribution student housing can make towards meeting general housing needs.

Background paper – The contribution of windfalls to housing supply (2017) – this sets out the evidence on the number of smaller sites expected to come forward over the Plan period.

Economy and culture

Employment Land study (February 2019)- this sets out the most recent evidence on employment land needs in the city to 2036. It also provides a supplement to the Business Needs, Site Assessments and Employment Land Study consulted upon in 2017.

Retail background paper  (February 2019)- this sets out the most recent evidence available on retail needs and the health of the city’s retail centres.

Portsmouth retail study 2015 (Pt1) – this study assesses the vitality and viability of the City Centre, Southsea Town Centre and Cosham, Elm Grove/Albert Rd, Fratton and North End district centres. It also considers retail trends, and the need and likely impact of a major retail led development in the city centre. See Portsmouth retail study 2015 Pt2 for the appendices.

Business needs, site assessments and employment land study (July 2016) – this study considers the quality and suitability of existing and potential new employment sites across the city.

Health, environment and climate change

Green Infrastructure background paper (February 2019) – this sets out how the city’s green infrastructure can be protected and strengthened.

An assessment of tree cover in Portsmouth (February 2019) – this supplements the Green Infrastructure Background Paper. It sets out a detailed review of the current state of tree cover in Portsmouth.

Open spaces assessment (November 2018) – this contains an independent assessment of the amount and quality of open spaces across the city.

Biodiversity background paper (February 2019) – this details the city’s ecological networks and the existing strategies in place to minimise impacts on biodiversity, and considers how net gains in biodiversity could be delivered.

Health background paper (February 2019) – this has been prepared consider how the Local Plan can be used as a tool to address the findings of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.

Issues and Options Consultation (2017)

The Council published a range of evidence early in the Local Plan development, including under the Summer 2017 Issues and Options Consultation and these are included below for reference: