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Last updated 5 November 2020

The following list sets out the Council’s combined database of HMO properties, setting out the Council’s understanding of the planning status of properties, and whether or not the property benefits from a license which would be issued by the Private Sector Housing Team.

The Planning Service has an Article 4 direction that covers the entire City however, the regulations for licensing vary and are as follows:

  • HMO licensing for smaller properties, which is referred to as Additional Licensing (less than 3 storeys) was not city wide and was only relevant within PO1, PO4 and PO5. The 5 year designation has now ended and these properties are no longer required to be licensed.
  • For the larger properties with 5 or more occupants, often referred to as Mandatory Licensing, this is a city wide licensing scheme. Due to new regulations, all properties from 1st October 2018 are required to have a licence if they have 5 or more tenants regardless of the number of storeys.

Portsmouth City Council is joined up, however in some cases the legislation we have to work with is not. Dealing with the Article 4 directive and licensing of HMO’s, then each department has a specific responsibility to ensure compliance with its own legal responsibilities and this can mean a HMO could be issued a licence via the Private Sector Housing Team, when it does not have planning permission to be used as a HMO and vice versa. But we do share information and ensure that landlords are full aware of their legal responsibilities.

Note: We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information in respect of the lawful use of these properties as we have relied, in some instances, upon information provided to us by property owners.

  • Yes‘ in planning column indicates that the HMO is known to the planning authority, but does not indicate that it necessarily has planning permission.
  • Yes‘┬áin licencing column indicates the HMO is licenced.
  • Pending‘ in the licensing column indicates an application has been received and is pending.

HMO database

wdt_IDHouse No:House NameStreet NamePost CodePlanningLicensing
House No:House NameStreet NamePost CodePlanningLicensing