When you arrive at the meeting please take a seat in the public gallery and the Chairman will call you to the table when the item is to be considered. You will be allowed to speak following the planning officer’s presentation. The amount of time you will be given and other information regarding the deputation procedure are set out below:

  • No person may speak for more than 6 minutes per deputation
  • The total time for those in favour and against a proposal will be 12 minutes respectively. If more than 2 people wish to speak for or against a proposition, the time allocated to each will be reduced proportionately unless they agree otherwise amongst themselves how to apportion the 12 minutes.

Deputations will be invited to speak in the following order:

  • Those objecting to the application
  • Those supporting the application
  • The applicant (and/or whoever is acting on the applicant’s behalf)
  • Any Ward Councillor who has requested to speak, or is a committee member

This will be your only opportunity to speak to the Committee. In accordance with the City Council’s Standing Orders you are not allowed to ask questions or engage in a discussion with the councillors or officers or participate in the committee members’ debate.

Members of the Committee will then be invited to ask questions of the officers about the application. Finally, the members of the Committee will discuss the application and, in most cases, come to a decision before repeating this process for the next application.