This schedule sets out the Community Infrastructure Levy charging rates set by Portsmouth City Council.

Date of commencement

This schedule shall commence on 1 April 2012.

CIL charging rates

The basic rate for CIL in Portsmouth, in the year the CIL charging schedule is adopted, will be £105/m². Viability considerations have shown that some uses should pay a lower rate than this.

Where this is applicable, that rate is shown in the table below. For all other chargeable developments, the basic rate of £105/m² should be assumed.

Portsmouth Community Infrastructure Levy rates (£ per m²)

Type of developmentCIL rate
All development types unless stated otherwise in this tableBasic CIL rate: £105
A1 - A5: In-centre retail of any size and small (< 280m²) out-of-centre retail£53
B1(a); B1, B2, B8: Office and Industrial£0
C1: Hotels£53
C2: Residential Institutions £53
D1: Community Uses £0

Calculating the chargeable amount

The city council will calculate the amount of CIL payable (“chargeable amount”) in respect of a chargeable development in accordance with the relevant formulae in the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations.

Please note that the CIL regulations include indexation to update the CIL rate annually using the All Tender Price Index. This means that the rates shown in the 2012 Charging Schedule will change annually on the first of January.