CIL Crowdfunder– a great opportunity for Portsmouth residents to crowdfund money for positive local change.

When you raise money for community improvements that are open to everyone you can apply for match funding for half your project up to £5,000 from the CIL Transformation Fund which has been developed in partnership with Crowdfunder UK.

Example schemes can range from planting schemes, open space improvements to sports facilities and parks, public art, street furniture such as benches or tree planters, highways safety infrastructure like zebra crossings, and equipment for a community group.

The money comes from the 15% (or where a neighbourhood plan or neighbourhood development order has been made, 25% of the levy revenues) Neighbourhood portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy fund (CIL), which allows local authorities to raise funds from developers who are undertaking new building projects in their area.

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How to apply

Visit our Crowdfunder page for information about how to apply.

CIL Crowdfunder projects

OrganisationProjectWardAmount awardedProject statusFinancial year
Cumberland Infant SchoolCommunity Wilding Project-£1,000Completed2021-22