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Your Council Tax bill is calculated on the basis that there are at least two people aged 18 or over living in the property. Where only one person over the age of 18 is resident, a 25% single person discount can be applied.

This discount can only apply to your main home and not any other properties for which you are responsible for council tax. If you are already receiving a single person discount and another adult moves into the household, you must notify us within 21 days, clearly stating the date this change took place. Failure to do so may result in a council tax penalty of £70.00

To apply for or cancel a single person discount follow this link. The link will take you to the council’s online platform. From here, please refer to the section titled Apply for Council Tax reductions.

To apply for or to cancel a single person discount you will need your council tax account reference number which can be found on your bill.