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A predominately quantitative online survey was launched on Wednesday 11 November and closed on Sunday 13 December.

It was promoted through various marketing and communications to maximise consultation engagement and the subsequent response rate:

  • Leaflet delivered to all residential properties in Portsmouth
  • Article in Flagship magazine
  • Article in House Talk magazine
  • PCC email marketing distribution lists
  • Media release encouraging participation
  • PCC Facebook post
  • BH Live also promoted the survey to their customers
  • Included on PCC website as a news story and a separate sport and leisure page

The research sought views on current sport and leisure facilities in Portsmouth, as well as attitudes towards opening a new sport and leisure centre in the city.

In total the survey received 1800 responses.

10 via telephone with the City Helpdesk, and the remaining 1790 by individuals online.

840 respondents also left their contact details to be signed up to the PCC sport and leisure bulletin.

Assuming a “total population” of 175,205 people (the latest mid-year estimate from the Office for National Statistics for people aged 16-90+ in Portsmouth), this volume of responses ensures a 95% confidence level with a margin of error of 2%, well within acceptable parameters.