What is a validation checklist for planning applications?

The validation checklist sets out the level of information required by the council to support a planning application. The checklist comprises a list of documents and guidance that explains when each document is required.

The checklist is divided into two sections: national validation requirements and local validation requirements. The national requirements are set by the government and are consistent across all local planning authorities in England. These are set out on the planning portal. The local requirements (or Local List) must be prepared by each local planning authority and should be tailored to reflect the material planning considerations that are relevant for that area.

Why is this consultation happening?

The current Local List was last reviewed and the subject of a consultation exercise in 2013. Planning legislation requires that the local authority should review its Local List every two years. As part of that process the council is required to consult on a draft local list and then formally publish the document having taken any representations into consideration. A copy of the final list will be made available on the websites planning pages in due course and the list will be reviewed every two years.

What is the period of consultation?

The consultation process adheres to the guidance on validation requirements set out by government.  The council invites comments on the draft validation checklist from 3 November to 15 December. Any comments received will be considered in the preparation of the final checklist before it is published on the website.

How to make a comment or observation

Any comments or observations you may have can be made via email to planning@portsmouthcc.gov.uk, or by post to

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