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Have your say on accommodation for rough sleepers

As part of its strategy to address homelessness in the Portsmouth, Portsmouth City Council is proposing to apply for planning permission to secure the permanent change of use of the existing premises from vacant student accommodation to interim managed accommodation for the homeless and rough sleepers. The proposal will not involve any physical change to the premises.

Individuals who use the accommodation will be on licence and will agree to be part of a pathway through to more permanent accommodation. Therefore, this is not the permanent home of any individuals, and some may stay only a few weeks whilst others may take months before being suitable for move on.

Support will be provided 24/7 and a security firm will be employed during the setup of the premises and will continue if it is determined to be necessary.

There are three sites are The Registry, Kingsway and Elm Grove Library.


Kingsway - site location plan

Elm Grove library

Elm Grove library - site location plan

The Registry

The Registry - site location plan