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This page shows the locations of polling stations for the Local Elections on 6 May 2021. You can also enter your address on our online form to find your polling station.

Polling stations for the Police & Crime Commissioner election are the same as for the City Council elections.

Map of polling stations


Number of polling stationLocation of polling stationsElectoral register numbers of people entitled to vote at this station
1_AAPortsmouth City Museum, Museum Road, PortsmouthAA-1 to AA-2231
2_ABCathedral House (Becket Hall), St Thomas's Street, PortsmouthAB-1 to AB-2183
3_ACSomerstown Hub (Cafe), Winston Churchill Avenue, PortsmouthAC-1 to AC-1718
4_ADCottage Grove Primary School, Chivers Close, SouthseaAD-2 to AD-2553
5_AEKing's Church, Somers Road, SouthseaAE-1 to AE-2571
6_BASt Jude's Church, Kent Road, SouthseaBA-1 to BA-1544
7_BBSt Jude's Church, Kent Road, SouthseaBB-1 to BB-1682
8_BCSt Simon's Church, Waverley Road, SouthseaBC-1 to BC-1485
9_BDSt Jude's Church, Kent Road, SouthseaBD-1 to BD-1839
10_BESalvation Army, Albert Road, SouthseaBE-1 to BE-2900
11_CAHoly Spirit Church Hall, Fawcett Road, SouthseaCA-1 to CA-3460
12_CBFrancis Lodge, Fernhurst Junior School, Heidelberg Road, SouthseaCB-1 to CB-3298
13_CCDevonshire Avenue Baptist Church Hall, Devonshire Avenue, SouthseaCC-1 to CC-1983
14_CDSt Margaret's Parish Centre, Highland Road, SouthseaCD-1 to CD-1693
15_CEHavelock Community Centre, 324 Fawcett Road, SouthseaCE-1 to CE-1711
16_DATrinity Methodist Church Hall, Francis Avenue, SouthseaDA-1 to DA-1880
17_DBSt Simon's Church, Waverley Road, SouthseaDB-1 to DB-2209
18_DCCanoe Lake Leisure Pavilion, St Helens Parade, SouthseaDC-1 to DC-998
19_DDEastney Methodist Church, Highland Road, SouthseaDD-1 to DD-2070
20_DEEastney Community Centre, Bransbury Park, Bransbury Road, SouthseaDE-1 to DE-1400
21_DFSouthsea Leisure Park, Melville Road, SouthseaDF-1 to DF-1262
22_EAChrist Church Milton United Reformed Church, Milton Road, SouthseaEA-1 to EA-2947
23_EBSt James` Church, Milton Park Avenue, SouthseaEB-1 to EB-2130
24_ECMilton Park Primary School, Eastney Road, SouthseaEC-1 to EC-1485
25_EDDevonshire Avenue Baptist Church Hall, Devonshire Avenue, SouthseaED-1 to ED-1875
26_EEEastney Methodist Church, Highland Road, SouthseaEE-1 to EE-2216
27_FABinsteed Community Centre, Langley Road, PortsmouthFA-1 to FA-2139
28_FBSt Wilfrid's Church, George Street, PortsmouthFB-1 to FB-1786
29_FCSt Wilfrid's Church, George Street, PortsmouthFC-1 to FC-2173
30_FDFratton Community Centre, Trafalgar Place, PortsmouthFD-1 to FD-2377
31_FEFratton Community Centre, Trafalgar Place, PortsmouthFE-1 to FE-2135
32_GACharles Dickens Activity Centre, Lake Road, PortsmouthGA-1 to GA-2015
33_GBSt Faith's Church, Crasswell Street, PortsmouthGB-1 to GB-2228
34_GCSt Faith's Church, Crasswell Street, PortsmouthGC-1 to GC-1785
35_GDSomerstown Hub (Cafe), Winston Churchill Avenue, PortsmouthGD-1 to GD-2877
36_GEJohn Pounds Centre, Queen Street, PortsmouthGE-1 to GE-2784
37_GFCharles Dickens Activity Centre, Lake Road, PortsmouthGF-1 to GF-1771
38_HASt Alban's Church, Copnor Road, PortsmouthHA-1 to HA-1164
39_HBBaffins Community Centre, Westover Road, PortsmouthHB-1 to HB-2972
40_HCThe Stacey Centre, Walsall Road, PortsmouthHC-1 to HC-2789
41_HDThe Stacey Centre, Walsall Road, PortsmouthHD-1 to HD-2406
42_HEMarquee in car park, Good Companions (PH), Eastern Road, PortsmouthHE-1 to HE-1844
43_IAStamshaw & Tipner Community Centre, Wilson Road, PortsmouthIA-1 to IA-1539
44_IBStamshaw & Tipner Community Centre, Wilson Road, PortsmouthIB-1 to IB-1658
45_ICNorth End Library, Gladys Avenue, PortsmouthIC-1 to IC-2190
46_IDSt Mark's Church Centre, Derby Road, PortsmouthID-1 to ID-1572
47_IENew Horizons Primary School, Wymering Road, PortsmouthIE-1 to IE-1608
48_IFBuckland Community Centre, Malins Road, PortsmouthIF-1 to IF-1878
49_JASt Nicholas` Church, Battenburg Avenue, PortsmouthJA-1 to JA-2018
50_JBLyndhurst Junior School, Lyndhurst Road, PortsmouthJB-1 to JB-1684
51_JCNew Horizons Primary School, Wymering Road, PortsmouthJC-1 to JC-2158
52_JDThe Wesley Rooms, Copnor Road, PortsmouthJD-1 to JD-2588
53_JEAnchorage Lodge, Sywell Crescent, PortsmouthJE-1 to JE-1362/1
54_KANorthern Parade Family Hub, Doyle Avenue, PortsmouthKA-1 to KA-1550
55_KBNorthern Parade Family Hub, Doyle Avenue, PortsmouthKB-1 to KB-1721
56_KCSt Francis' Church, Northern Parade, PortsmouthKC-1 to KC-1933
57_KDChristian Science Society, 178 London Road, PortsmouthKD-1 to KD-1690
58_KEThe Phoenix (PH), Torrington Road, PortsmouthKE-1 to KE-1544
59_KFThe Scout Hut, The Ridings, Gatcombe Park, PortsmouthKF-1 to KF-1857
60_LAHighslopes Community Centre, Carlton Road, PortsmouthLA-1 to LA-877
61_LBPortacabin, Castle View Academy, Allaway Avenue, PortsmouthLB-1 to LB-1652
62_LCPaulsgrove Baptist Church, Woofferton Road, PortsmouthLC-1 to LC-2118
63_LDSt Michael`s Church, Hempsted Road, PortsmouthLD-1 to LD-2360
64_LEPortacabin, Blakemere Crescent, (On the green outside numbers 8 to 12), PortsmouthLE-1 to LE-1206
65_LFHillside and Wymering Centre, Cheltenham Road, PortsmouthLF-1 to LF-701
66_LGPort House (Regatta Room), Marina Keep, Port Solent, PortsmouthLG-1 to LG-1288
67_MAPortacabin on north side of green, Fairfield Square/Hythe Road, PortsmouthMA-1 to MA-1526
68_MBCosham Baptist Church, Havant Road, PortsmouthMB-1 to MB-2402
69_MCMarquee in car park, Manor House (PH), Court Lane, PortsmouthMC-1 to MC-1330
70_MDSt Philip's Church, Hawthorn Crescent, PortsmouthMD-1 to MD-3043
71_MESt Peter & St Paul Hall, Old Wymering Lane, WymeringME-1 to ME-1963
72_NACosham Baptist Church, Havant Road, PortsmouthNA-1 to NA-998
73_NBDrayton Centre, 238 Havant Road, PortsmouthNB-1 to NB-2420
74_NCSolent Infant School, Evelegh Road, PortsmouthNC-1 to NC-1935/1
75_NDThe Sunshine Inn (Function Room), 428 Havant Road, PortsmouthND-1 to ND-1812
76_NEDrayton United Church Hall, Station Road, PortsmouthNE-1 to NE-1785/1
77_NFMarquee in car park, Manor House (PH), Court Lane, PortsmouthNF-1 to NF-1098
78_NGChrist Church, London Road, Widley, PortsmouthNG-1 to NG-398