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Portsmouth Health and Wellbeing Board is under a statutory obligation to draft, consult upon and publish a pharmaceutical needs assessment (PNA).

A Pharmaceutical Needs assessment (PNA) is a statement of current pharmaceutical services provided in the local area. It also assesses whether or not the pharmaceutical services provision is satisfactory for the local population and identifies any perceived gaps in the provision. Once published the PNA will be used by NHS England to assist in responding to applications for opening of additional pharmacies, relocation of premises and amendments to opening hours or pharmaceutical services.

We collected all the responses to the consultation (which closed on 27 December) and the final version of the PNA (including consultation) document (published on 1 April 2018) is available to download from this page (below).

Following a pharmacy consolidation which took effect on 29th May 2018, a supplementary statement is published as an update to the PNA (published on 1st April 2018). This supplementary statement is also available to download from this page (below).