Portsmouth City Council is a registered Data Controller (Registration Number Z5578313) this tells you what we collect and what we do with it.

We might ask you to tell us any of the information below:

  • Name/ Address/Date of Birth
  • Ethnicity
  • Health information
  • Relationships Information
  • Referral/Assessment Information
  • Relevant Case Information
  • Mental Capacity Information
  • Contact details
  • Other Agencies Involved
  • Financial Information including bank account details
  • Risks
  • Next of Kin
  • Photos

We keep copies of letters and records of telephone calls along with any other information we receive about you from other people.

We use all this information to help us manage all aspects of your tenancy.

We keep everything safe on computers and in a locked cabinet.

We might talk to any of the people below with you permission:

  • Health Agencies
  • Department Working Pensions
  • Police
  • Care Agencies
  • City/District/Borough Councils
  • Direct payment support services
  • Internal Portsmouth City Council departments

We keep the information whilst you are in a Portsmouth City Council property.

If you want to see what we have, that’s OK, just ask your named worker or housing officer.