Information about how we take, store and use images

If we take your photo/video (or the photo/video of a child you are responsible for), this page gives you information about how we process the photographs and personal data collected at the same time, such as your name and phone number.

Consent to be photographed

We will always ask your consent before taking your photograph or video if you are the main subject of the photo.

Where possible, we will record this consent in writing using an online or paper consent form, along with contact details.

If we are taking photographs at an event where it would not be practical to ask permission, we will display signs informing you so that you can choose not to be photographed if you don’t wish to be.

Storing photos

We will store the photo files and consent forms on the council’s infrastructure, which is secure. Paper consent forms will be stored digitally and the originals destroyed securely (confidential waste).

We will index the files and store them in line with the stated retention period in the consent form. Depending on the subject and reason for taking the photograph, this could be only a few months, or indefinitely. For example, photos taken for tourism promotion will be kept and archived indefinitely.

Photos taken for a press release will be deleted sooner. We will let you know how long we will keep the photo when you give your consent.

Using images

We will only use the images for the purpose stated when the photo was taken.

Example reasons we give may be:

  • For promoting a specific campaign
  • For use in our magazines
  • For promoting Portsmouth to visitors and investors

If we wish to use the images for another purpose, we will contact you first.

Sharing and transferring image ownership

As we work with partners such as the NHS, schools and academies, from time to time, we may need to share images. We will contact you to obtain consent if this is the case.

If we are taking photographs on behalf of a partner or client, the ownership and copyright of the images may be transferred. In this case, responsibility for consent management will also be transferred.

We will contact you for consent before transferring ownership.

Withdrawing consent

If you wish to withdraw your consent, you may do so at any time.

Your photos and videos will be withdrawn from the image library and deleted.

If the images are in use in print, we will not be able to recall printed copies.

If the images or videos are in use online, we will remove them from our own accounts as soon as we can, but we do not have control over materials in the public domain.

To do this, please contact us using the details below.

If the ownership has been transferred, you will need to contact the new owner.

Portsmouth City Council contact details
Phone number: 02392 834 385