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On this page, you will find a list of our council aims and priorities.

Our priorities

Our council priorities set out the most important things to focus our attention and resources on.

These priorities are for the here and now, as we work to support Portsmouth’s recovery and renewal from the effects of the pandemic and play our part in achieving the city’s vision.

We will do this by working together as one council and with our partners and communities as one city. We will work to deliver core services that put our residents first, and focus on our priorities as we move forwards together.

At the heart of our plans for recovery and renewal, we recognise that the pandemic has had disproportionate effects on different demographics and communities in the city. This has both exposed and worsened existing inequalities, leading to a new overall aim.

Our aims

Our aim is to tackle health, social and economic inequalities that exist in our city.

Our priorities for recovery and renewal reflect the themes set out in the city vision, and the need to tackle the effects of the pandemic on Portsmouth.

  • Improving health and care for our communities
  • Supporting people to live active, healthy lives
  • Prioritising mental health
  • Making more good quality homes available for our residents
  • Building aspirations and encouraging ambition for our city and its residents
  • Supporting young people
  • Encouraging everyone to learn and develop skills
  • Creating opportunities for employment
  • Encouraging clean growth and culture-led regeneration
  • Supporting the local economy to recover from the pandemic
  • Taking positive action to tackle climate change
  • Enabling greener, healthier and better-connected journeys

Your role is crucial in supporting the city to recover and renew following the pandemic, deliver the crucial services that our residents rely on and ensure we play our part in achieving the city vision.

You are centre-stage in what we do and how we do it.