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Part 1: Summary, Explanation and Chapters of the Constitution

Chapter 1 Summary Explanation of the Constitution
Chapter 2 Members of the Council
Chapter 3 Residents Responsibilities
Chapter 4 Role of the City Council
Chapter 5 Chairing the City Council
Chapter 6 Scrutiny
Chapter 7 The Cabinet
Chapter 8 Arrangements to Perform Regulatory Functions
Chapter 9 Governance & Audit & Standards Committee
Chapter 10 Area Committees & Forums
Chapter 11 Joint Arrangements
Chapter 12 Officers
Chapter 13 Decision Making
Chapter 14 Legal, Financial & Contract matters
Chapter 15 Review & Revision of the Constitution
Chapter 16 Interpretation of the Constitution
Schedule 1 Executive Arrangements

Part 2: Responsibility for Functions

Section 1 Purpose

Section 2 Committee Responsibilities:

  • Planning Committee
  • Licensing Committee
  • Governance & Audit & Standards Committee
  • Employment Committee

Section 3 Responsibility for Cabinet Functions:

  • The Leader
  • Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health
  • Cabinet Member for Housing
  • Cabinet Member for Children & Families
  • Cabinet Member for Education
  • Cabinet Member for Planning, Regeneration & Economic Development
  • Cabinet Member for Traffic & Transportation
  • Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Sport
  • Cabinet Member for Environment & Community Safety
  • Cabinet Member for Resources

Section 4 Joint Arrangements

  • Portchester Crematorium Joint Committee
  • Project Integra Management Board

Section 5 Chief Officers’ Delegated Authority

Section 5A Member Information Service
Section 5B Delegation of Decision Making to Officers
Section 5C Proper Officer / Statutory Appointments

Part 3: Rules of Procedure

  • Access to Information procedure rules
  • Budget and Policy Framework procedure rules
  • Executive procedure rules
  • Policy & Review Panels procedure rules

Part 3A Standing Orders for the regulation of business

  • Contract procedure rules

Part 3B Rules in respect of Acquisition, Disposal, Use and Development of land

Part 3C Financial Rules 1

  • Financial Rules 2

Part 3D Officers’ Employment procedure rules

Part 4: Codes and Protocols

Part 4A Councillors Code of Conduct
Part 4B Code of Conduct in respect of planning applications
Part 4C Code of Conduct for Employees
Part 4D Member / Officer relations
Part 4E Appointments to Outside Bodies
Part 4F Statutory Officers

Part 5: Members Allowance Scheme

Part 6: Officers Management Structure

Part 7: Reserved for future use

Part 8: Members of the Council

  • Cabinet and Opposition
  • Membership of Regulatory Committees
  • Membership of Committees and Scrutiny Panels
  • Your Council

Part 9: Corporate Guidance

Part 9A Administrative and procedural rules for member items on the Executive, Policy and Review Panels and Regulatory Committees
Part 9B Rules for Standing Deputies on Regulatory Committees
Part 9C Member protocol use of email
Part 9D Guidance for Members and Officers representing the Council on Outside Bodies
Part 9E Audio Visual Recording