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Revised August 2020

1. Suspension of Standing Orders- the below text substitutes the existing Portsmouth City Council Standing Order which is suspended.

Any Standing Order except No 8, (Changes to the Schedule of Meetings), 10 (Order of Business- Annual Meetings), 46 (Next Business, Closure and Adjournment) and 60(Respect for Chair and Chairs Decision) may be suspended at the absolute discretion of the Chair and should the Chair not be present by a majority of the Councillors being present and able to vote.

24. Deputations- the below text substitutes the existing Portsmouth City Council Standing Order which is suspended.

The Council may receive written deputations on a matter, where notice has been given, which is before that meeting of the Council for decision.
The following rules will apply:

For the purpose of a Planning Committee the below provisions will apply (a-f)

a) Following the publication of the Officers Report (in the agenda) the Applicant and those that have made representations will be contacted by the Council and invited to register to make a deputation (see below at paragraph (f)) in the form of a written further representation should they so choose. Registration to make a deputation must be made either: after the agenda is published and before 12.00 on the day 7 working days preceding the relevant meeting; or before the agenda is published at the time the original representation is made. Any requests to make a deputation after the latter of these times will not be accepted.

b) The applicant and all those that have registered an interest in making a further deputation to the Committee (in accordance with (a) above) will be written to, no later than five working days in advance of the meeting advising them of the length of written deputation allowed. No deputation will be allowed to be longer than 800 words. The total length of written deputations for those in favour and against a proposal will be 1,600 words respectively. If more than 2 people wish to speak for or against a proposition, the length of deputation allocated to each will be reduced proportionately unless they agree otherwise amongst themselves how to apportion the 1,600 words. The deadline for submitting the requested further written deputation is 12.00 on the day two working days preceding the relevant meeting

c) Any further representation (in accordance with (b) above) should be received by the Council no later than two days prior to the date of the relevant Committee. Further representations (if any) will be sent electronically to the Applicant to enable the applicant to have a ‘right of reply’ as part of their own further written representation, which must subsequently be received by the Council no later than 10.00 on the day of the relevant Committee meeting.

d) The further written representation(s) will be circulated to the Members of the Committee, and, at the discretion of the Committee, will be read out as part of the presentation by an officer prior to the Committee discussion of the application.

e) Any deputation must relate to the agenda item in respect of which it is made.

f) For the purposes of this standing order those who have made representations includes any member of the public who supports or objects to the application or proposal being considered prior to the agenda being published.
Deputations received by the Council that are not addressed to the Planning Committee:

g) A written deputation stating which agenda item it refers to must be received by the Local Democracy officer named on the agenda by 12 noon two working days preceding the meeting.

h) Any written deputation received will be sent to the Members on the relevant decision making body and be referred to and be read out at the meeting.

25. Questions by the Public at Council Meetings- the below text substitutes the existing Portsmouth City Council Standing Order which is suspended.

Written questions from members of the public on matters relating to the functions of the City Council (Generic term “City Council” covers “Cabinet”) (except no questions will be allowed at meetings to approve the Budget and the Annual Meeting).

a) Notice of questions in an acceptable written form must be given to the Local Democracy Manager by 12 noon eleven days before the day of the meeting.

b) If the Local Democracy Manager believes that the question does not relate to the functions of the City Council or is vexatious or frivolous, or relates solely or mainly to the interests of the individual, it may be disallowed after consultation with the Monitoring Officer.

c) A relevant written question that is accepted will be read out by the Chair of the meeting and answered orally or if unable to attend in person by the relevant Cabinet Member or Committee Chair by way of written response.

d) The Local Democracy Manager will circulate to Councillors at the meeting the questions to be asked (read out) under this Standing Order. Questions will be answered in the chronological order they are received, except that any member of the public who submits more than one question will not have their second or subsequent questions answered until all the other members’ of the public “first round” questions have been put, the same procedure to be followed until all questions have been put.

e) No supplementary will be allowed. No discussion or debate will take place on the written question or upon any written response (see paragraph c above), but any Councillor may move that the matter raised by the question be referred to the Cabinet, Committee or Scrutiny Panel. Once seconded, such a motion will be voted upon without discussion.