3.1 Participation

Residents have the right to participate in meetings of the city council; the Cabinet; and regulatory committee meetings by bringing a deputation to the meeting on any matter that accords with the council’s Standing Orders (see Part 3A of the Rules of Procedure). Residents’ organisations and interest groups may ask or be invited to contribute to investigations by the policy and review panels.

Residents can expect to be consulted on significant issues on either a local or city wide basis depending on the nature of the matter and its relative effect on the community. The city council has well-developed arrangements for consultation on the budget and other key areas of the council’s activities.

3.2 Responsibilities

Residents are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, conducive with normally accepted standards in society when dealing with councillors or officers and, in particular, when attending any meetings of the council, its committees or the Cabinet.

The principles underpinning this expectation are:

  • due respect for the rights and opinions of others
  • non-confrontational behaviour
  • at all times for the decisions on conduct and procedure in the meeting from the person chairing that meeting
  • willingness to listen, as well as an expectation of being listened to, in a way which is both constructive and supportive.