In October 2021 Portsmouth City Council welcomed a Peer Challenge team from the Local Government Association (LGA) to look at how we work strategically as an organisation. To have a team of experts look at and assess the way you do things is incredibly useful. The Peer Challenge team found that Portsmouth is a good council, that is performing well and that they found the City Vision to be ambitious, clear and well-articulated.

You can view the initial corporate peer challenge report here.

As always there are suggestions of what we can do differently and the team made a series of recommendations of what we could do to improve the way that we operate. This action plan has been prepared in response to these recommendations. The action plan can be viewed online.

We will monitor progress through the regular Corporate Performance Management processes and report progress through the Governance, Audit and Standards Committee

In October 2022 the Peer Challenge Team looked at progress made against our action plan and produced this progress review report.