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We are asking everyone using council buildings, including libraries and community centres, to help protect themselves and other people by being considerate and following these everyday precautions:

  • wearing face coverings
  • keeping your hands clean
  • leaving space between you and others
  • checking in with the NHS app

This is because we are still in a pandemic, and it is still possible to catch and pass on the virus even if you’ve been double-vaccinated.

We’re taking a cautious and measured approach to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers, residents and our staff. If staff become ill or need to self-isolate, this affects services that Portsmouth people rely on.

We’re closely reviewing government guidance as it becomes available and balancing this with the needs of our services

Risk assessments are in place for all our buildings, including spaces used by the public, and for how we deliver our services. These are regularly reviewed to take account of changing guidance and the measures in them remain the best way of preventing infection.