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Implications of Step 4 for schools

As the country moved to Step 4 on 19 July 2021, the government issued new advice for schools which parents and carers may also find useful as guidance during the summer months and in preparation for the return to school in the Autumn term.

Free school meals

Families of children attending Portsmouth schools who are eligible for benefits-related free school meals should have received food vouchers for £15 per school-age child, to use during the summer holidays.

Possible coronavirus symptoms

The Wessex Healthier Together website has useful information for parents if you are worried that your child has coronavirus or another illness and you are not sure what to do.

You must get a test if you or anyone in your household has:

  • a high temperature (chest or back hot to touch)
  • a new, continuous cough or
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

Find out more about getting a test in Portsmouth.

Find out more information about how to self-isolate, what you can and can’t do and what local support is available in our protect Portsmouth self-isolation guide.

You can find the latest NHS information and advice on the NHS website.

Helpful information and support

Here are some other helpful sources of information and places you can find support: