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Shop safely

Under lockdown rules it’s vital we all stay at home to help protect ourselves and others from coronavirus. If you do need to shop for essentials or visit a business that is providing essential services here are some tips on how to stay as safe as possible.

Please remember: you should not leave home at all, even to shop for essentials, if you have coronavirus symptoms or you need to self-isolate.

  • Wear a face covering: by law you must wear a face covering in shops and supermarkets unless you are exempt or have a reasonable excuse. A face visor or shield can be worn in addition to a face covering but not instead of one. This is because face visors or shields do not adequately cover your nose and mouth.
  • Keep hands clean: try to use hand sanitiser when you arrive at and leave shops, this will often be provided at the shop entrance.
  • Stick to the 2m rule: stay 2m apart from others as much as possible. Use floor marking in shops to help you, follow one-way systems in shops, and leave space if you’re queuing.
  • Don’t touch: try not to touch or handle food and other essentials unless you are going to buy them.
  • Pay by card: use contactless payments if you can. This reduces the need for you and shop assistants to handle cash or a pin number pad.
  • Plan ahead: decide what you need to buy before leaving home to help limit the time you’re in a shop. Planning ahead also helps minimise the number of times you need to leave the house. Avoid popping out for single items.
  • Stay local: Try and use shops that are close to your home rather than travelling to other parts of the city. Using local, independent shops for essentials where you can is a great way to support your area.
  • Be kind and help others: Remember to be considerate of other shoppers and people working in shops – they are doing essential work for the whole community. If you can, offer to shop for vulnerable neighbours, friends or family members when you’re going out so that they can stay at home.
  • Get help if you need it: if you’re vulnerable, shielding or self-isolating and need help with getting food or other essentials and don’t have family, friends or neighbours who can help, visit the HIVE Portsmouth website or call the HIVE Portsmouth helpline on 023 9261 6709 (9am-5pm Monday to Friday).

Report a concern

Find out more about what businesses can and can’t do under the current restrictions.

If you’re concerned that a business is not operating within the guidelines, you can let us know and we will investigate. Use our online form to tell us about a business that may not be operating safely.