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The Independence and Wellbeing team at the council runs a number of cookery groups for residents. One of these is called Chop Cook Chat and is for men aged 50 and above who have a want or need to learn how to cook. The aim of Chop Cook Chat is to help the men learn how to make quick, tasty and nutritious meals to support them to stay healthy whilst also providing an opportunity to socialise with other men, which can become difficult as you get older.

Due to the current coronavirus outbreak this group can’t meet up in person but the attendees were keen to keep learning at home and getting ideas of things to cook. So the team has produced some video tutorials, turning Chop Cook Chat into a virtual experience! Whilst these videos have been made with this group in mind there’s no reason why others can’t benefit from them. So if you’re looking for some inspiration of simple and healthy meals or snacks take a look at the videos below.

If you’d like to find out more about being part of Chop Cook Chat when the groups are able to meet again, or you’d be interested in volunteering to help support these sessions contact Jayne Gentle on / 023 9284 1762. Organisations can also contact Jayne if they’d like to financially support the group, for example with kitchen premises, cooking equipment or ingredients.

Special thanks to Max McLellan who edited these videos for the team on a voluntary basis.

Recipe videos

Hawaiian burger and crumpet pizza


Fish cake

Mac n cheese

Scotch eggs