Roads and housing blocks which are part of the scheme.

If you would like a no cold calling door sticker, please contact

The roads and housing blocks below are No Cold Calling Zones in Portsmouth.

It may be an offence if a trader knocks on the doors of those residents displaying the No Cold Calling Zone door sticker according to the relevant legislation (paragraph 25).

Copnor, City Centre and Somerstown Eastern Avenue, Waterloo Street, Tipton House, Edgbaston House, Madeira Road
Cosham, Drayton and FarlingtonGrove Road, Old Manor Way, South Road
Fratton Carnarvon Road, George Street, Burleigh Road, Langford Road, Shearer Road, Ewart Road, Ernest Road, Bettesworth Road, Harcourt Road, Glencoe Road, Durban Road, Daulston Road, Hampshire Street, South Road
Hilsea (Matapan Estate)Salerno Road, Normandy Road, Valiant Gardens, Matapan Road, Barham Way, Cunningham Close, Dieppe Crescent, Narvik Road, Warspite Close, Spinnaker Drive
SouthseaHighland Street