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Shopmobility provides manual and powered wheelchairs and scooters to help people with limited mobility to shop and use the city centre facilities. It can be used by young or old no matter whether their disability is temporary or permanent. Shopmobility is available both to residents and visitors alike. First time visitors need to register and undergo training in the use of the vehicle will be provided.

Portsmouth Shopmobility is located in Arundel Street adjacent to the post office, with car parking facilities so that when passengers arrive, they are able to park and transfer directly to their chosen vehicle. The user pays £10 to join the scheme, then £5 for each day’s hire. Should the user require a vehicle for more than a day, a deposit is required on the vehicle, which is refunded when the vehicle is returned. In some locations, leisure mobility schemes are being developed to take the concept of Shopmobility and apply it to other destinations such as seaside, the countryside and special events widening access for all in the area.

Portsmouth Disability Forum has taken responsibility for the management of Portsmouth Shopmobility in Arundel Street since 1 April 2012. The service has been provided with a contract from Portsmouth City Council.

As far as Portsmouth Shopmobility service users are concerned it should be business as usual, with the existing staff and volunteer team remaining, with changes to publicity material and signage. The existing fleet is being reviewed, refurbished and in some cases renewed to ensure that we continue to provide a first class service giving the individual the freedom to get around independently.

Portsmouth Shopmobility already provides services via the Historic Dockyard as well as through ‘meet and greet’ delivering vehicles to individuals’ residences. There are also plans to extend the service as and when possible to other locations around the city.

If you would like further information, would like to get involved, or have ideas for the service you would like to share please contact the Shopmobility team direct on 07493132948 or email

Alternatively, you can visit the Shopmobility website or follow Portsmouth Shopmobility on Facebook.