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Got something to say about where you live?

Portsmouth’s neighbourhood forums give you the chance to speak up about what’s happening on your doorstep.

Parking, crime, planning developments, policing and schools are all hot topics which affect people’s lives. If you’ve got something to say, neighbourhood forums are a way to get your voice heard and make a difference to your local area.

Forums are just one of the many ways we involve local people and communities.

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2020 Neighbourhood forum meetings

Forums are just one of the many ways the council involves local people and communities. Meeting dates and times for Portsmouth’s neighbourhood forums for 2020 will be updated in this section.

In view of the Coronavirus coupled with the fact that a considerable proportion of the Forum attendees are in the critical over-70 age group, no Forums are being held until the risk of the infection has been removed.

How neighbourhood forums work

All forums have an independent chair – a local resident elected by other residents to manage all meetings, make sure discussions don’t stray from the agenda and finish on time.

An agenda is set for each meeting by residents on a forum committee, which means there are a list of issues to be discussed. If you want an item on the agenda please let us know in advance via the contact details below.

There can be a real mix of discussion at forums, and speakers are invited to talk on specific topics. These can be staff from the council, police or health services, ward councillors or others. Forums are non-political, enabling us to encourage fair debate and discussion to get all views on an issue.

Who can attend neighbourhood forums?

An open door policy means anyone who lives, works, studies or has business interests in the relevant forum area, can join in the discussion. Just turn up and have your say at a forum meeting.

Local means local

If we’re talking about local issues, we wouldn’t expect you to trek halfway across Portsmouth to give your views.  Forums are held in local venues like schools, community centres or church halls. Most meetings are held on weekday evenings and run for about two hours.

Meetings are advertised locally and in the local press – You can look at upcoming schedules in the ‘Neighbourhood forum support team’ section.

Neighbourhood forum support team

The resident Chairs for the city’s neighbourhood forums are:


Neighbourhood ForumForum Officers
MiltonChairman - Janice Burkinshaw
Old Portsmouth and Gunwharf QuaysChairman - Tony Davenport
East SouthseaChairman - Jerry Brown