If you witness drug dealing in Portsmouth, you can:

County lines

County lines is the name given to a drug dealing method which involves criminal networks using phone lines, and often young people, to facilitate the supply of class A drugs across the UK.

Frequently these drugs are heroin and crack cocaine which are supplied to customers using these phone lines. Each county line becomes a valuable brand and is protected with violence and intimidation.

The line allows drug dealers to move their business from one location to another. Many towns across Hampshire now have both importation and exportation issues linked to county lines.

Dealers typically use a single phone line and use violence to enforce the county lines model. Vulnerable young people are sometimes coerced into delivering drugs to customers.

What can you do to help tackle county lines?

If you have concerns, the best advice is to trust your instincts. Even if someone isn’t involved in county lines drug dealing, it is still important to speak out as someone may be exploited in some other way.

If you need help with drug misuse

We have information about support available if you’re looking to recover from a drug problem.