How to get filming permission

If you are looking to film on Portsmouth City Council Land, please fill in the filming application form providing as much detail as possible, alongside the form a copy of your risk assessment signed by your tutor must also be submitted. If you are a student at the UOP, you do not need to submit a copy of your insurance as we have this on file. Please note, we do not charge for undergraduate student filming requests from the University of Portsmouth.

Need inspiration for your location? Follow the link to view photos of Portsmouth’s filming locations on Flickr Collection: Location guide.

Process for filling in our filming application

  1. Apply to film in Portsmouth using our online form.
  2. Fill in the required details under the contact and organisation tabs.
  3. Production Details tab. Please select ‘Student’ under type of production and provide a clear project title that is unique to your filming request. For instance, if the whole class has been given a project titled ‘Southsea Castle’ please amend this to include something such as your team or the lead students name who is submitting this application. Please mark £0 under the Budget tab.
  4. Further details tab. Please ensure you have read through the filming policy document and give a clear description of what your production involves.
  5. Location Details tab. Please mark £0 under the location budget tab. Under location details, please use to provide a precise location. It’s important you are clear on the dates and times submitted as this will affect the approval status of the request if these alter from what has been submitted.
  6. Parking and Highways Tab. Please fill in if necessary, if parking is required this will affect the timeline for processing your request. Please note is you require a road closure there may be additional costs as well as a 12-week timeline. Additionally, you would need to employ a Traffic Management Company.
  7. Council Services Tab. It’s important to outline any services from the council you might need for your production i.e. waste collection/removal of any signs or cones at your filming location.
  8. Declaration and Evidence Tab. We would recommend downloading a copy of your form before submitting. Once you have submitted, please make a note of your reference number.
  9. Final step. We will not process any applications without a copy of your risk assessment signed by your tutor. Please send this to

Application deadline

General filming: Please allow a minimum of 5 working days (work days being Monday – Friday) before the shoot. We cannot guarantee applications outside of this time frame will be processed.

For any production that requires access to one of our buildings a site visit is recommended well in advance of filming to ensure the safety and suitability of the location. For this reason, we recommend allowing at least 3 weeks’ notice.

Applications requiring traffic management orders may take much longer and incur additional charges, applications requiring full road closure could take up to 12 weeks.

Filming Policy

Please review our filming policy which acts as a checklist for all parties wishing to film on location and to ensure that all areas of consideration and safety are a priority.


Please note that no zoo’s, petting zoos or animals used for working reasons are permitted on Portsmouth City Council Land.

Fireworks Firearms and Weapons

Please note that you would require specific permission for the use of Fireworks or any type of fire from Portsmouth City Council as well as Hampshire Fire and Rescue. Additionally if you are planning to use large amounts of any colour powders or paint you will need to speak with Environmental Health and only use specific types.

No Live Firearms or weapons are allowed on Portsmouth City Council Land, this includes replicas or fake weapons without specific permission from Portsmouth City Council as well as permission from the Police. You may also be required to have signage and barriers during your filming.