Apply to become a chaperone for a child in entertainment

Many children participate in performances on stage, television and film while others are involved in modelling or paid sporting activities.

The Children (Performances) Regulations regulate children taking part in these activities and the Local Authority administers a licensing system designed to protect the child and give paramount consideration to their health, welfare and education.

The regulations apply to all children from birth until they reach compulsory school leaving age.

A child is of compulsory school age until the last Friday in June in the school year in which they reach the age of 16.

A child may perform without a license for up to four days, but only if:

  • it is unpaid
  • no absence from school is required
  • they have not performed in the previous six months

Performances arranged by school, scouts, guides, youth clubs etc are exempt from licensing.

The licensing authority is normally the local authority (LA) where the child lives.  If a child attends boarding school, it is the LA where the school is located.  If a child lives outside UK, it will be the LA where the licence applicant lives/has business premises.  A child performing abroad must be licensed by their local magistrates court.

The licence applicant is:

  • performances:  Person responsible for the production.
  • modelling:  Person who proposes to engage the child.
  • paid sporting activity:  Person responsible for organising the event.

A licence application should be submitted 21 days before the performance takes place.  If a licence is requested at shorter notice, every effort will be made to oblige but authorisation cannot be guaranteed.

While licensed to perform the child must be in the care of a chaperone.  This may be a local authority approved chaperone, the child’s parent or an appointed tutor.

There are various conditions and restrictions that apply to child performances. Further advice, information and application forms can be obtained from your local Child Employment Office.


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